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Re: light bulb source

The problem with these bulbs is I am getting very poor results for the amount 
of light. I have been faithfully replacing them AT LEAST every six months 
(probably turns out to be 4 or 5). I figure with a better bulb, I won't have 
to replace them so quickly, which will make up for the increased cost.

Maybe we're getting the *recycled* ones here in Allentown. 


> Based on your email, it sounds you are looking for a full spectrum bulb. 
>  Bulbs like the Trilux and Coralife Trichromatic are, in my opinion, way 
>  overpriced--even though they may have a built in reflector. A perfectly 
>  alternative is the GE Chroma 50 bulb (They changed the name--the box says 
>  "Sunshine" on it, but if you look at the bulb, it says Chroma 50. It is a 
>  full spectrum, sunshine replicating bulb. They are available at Wal-mart 
>  about $5-6. Unfortunately, the output of the bulb it not as intense as the 
>  output of some others, but...hey its only $6!