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Riccia and Clowns and SAE's

>I don't think I'd try to maintain a Riccia lawn in a tank containing Clown
>Loaches though....
>James Purchase

I do but they do mess with the stuff picking through it all the time. Maybe
little ones would be fine but if they get 3inches plus......! Snails and
Shrimps are good. SAE's will grind into it some also but not too bad. I can
handle that one. It depends on the lawn also but generally speaking not a
good combo.

SAE's after extensive testing............do chow Rotala wallichii. Many fish
were tested(8 pairs in a 20 gallon) they all like to hurt the plant. Snails
were they only other animal added and as soon as the SAE's were removed the
plant bounced right back. I would wait two weeks and add a different pair of
SAE's and the R. wallichii would again be mangled. This pattern came up
again and again. 
Tom Barr