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Re: Riccia

>Can anyone give me a good description of the process of creating those
>"Amano" style Riccia hedges?  Supposedly you're supposed to place the
>piece of Riccia on the gravel and sprinkle some gravel over it to hold
>it down and then some Hairgrass planted around it is supposed to hold it
>in place?  I'm confused as to whether you shove the hairgrass stalks
>right through the patches of riccia or between them or what.  Can anyone
>Pat O'Sullivan
>Algae Cultivators, Inc.
Riccia again? Okay, then grow hairgrass well first.
Once you've done that-find some sinking Riccia and add a small amount. You
will have a turf  that needs little to no pruning for a long time. X mas
tree moss and sinking Riccia make a nice lawn that's somewhat more mobile.
Tying Moss and Regular Riccia together on stones/branches etc is a good idea
also. Check out Aqua Journal vol 38. Lots of basic Riccia stuff in there.

Adding some bladderwort (Utricularia gibba) will also "rope" the Riccia
together..........Amano doesn't tell you this part anywhere :)  I learned
this on my own like he did I'm sure. By letting nature take its course.  He
doesn't use it in ALL the tanks nor does he use the hairgrass method either.
Tom Barr
Tom Barr