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RE: Har grass

>    Is the hairgrass in the 5w/g tank that you mentioned, growing in plain 

Yes and no.
I have it in a high light & medium tank & a low light tank. It will do quite
nice at 3 watts a gallon unless you have a 24 inch deep tank or something.
It has done better using FL's and PC's than MH's.
It grows very well in plain sand, sand plus kitty litter both had
It does equally well in plain flourite. It did so-so with cables.

 Do you find the need to substrate-fertilize the flourite for 
>hairgrass or glossostigma, when there is high light such as this?  How about 
>at lower light levels?

Nope and nope.

>    Under high light does the hairgrass stay lower, or will it still go 

Doesn't matter. You can stunted it by shutting the CO2 off, but I don't.
If it gets tall ......it usually is being shaded over. Same goes for the
gloss. These plants need light and room to spread. If they get shaded much
often they go vertical on you. Pruning and gardening are not the same as
amount of light. You have to get in and work the tank.

>    Also, what co2 concentration (ppm) do you prefer? 

Lots. Till the fish are floating:)
I have about a PH of 6.6 or so to about 6.8 or so and a KH of about 5-5.5.
Da chart sez:
How about folks looking it up for themselves?

 Do you vary it 
>depending on light level?

I base it more on the tank's needs demands. You'll use more CO2 at higher
light values **generally** but if I put slow growers like all anubias in a 5
watt a gallon tank and have an identical tank next to it with hygro or some
fast growing stem plants.... well the fast growing stem plant tank will use
a much larger amount of CO2 even though the lights are the same. Every tank
is different. 

You might do well with a small ten gallon tank with 2 x 15 watt bulbs and a
bag or so of flourite and add some CO2 via a small power filter/power head,
add a few fish/SAE's shrimps etc.And keep a nice KH/GH of 5 or so. Works fer
me. Same goes for a 20 with 2x 20 watt bulbs, CO2 etc.

FWIW, hair grass is much easier to maintain over the long term than any of
the other foreground plants. 
Tom Barr