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Re: Beer

>Oh, and if barley is the magic bullet, how about using a dosing pump to inject 
>small amounts of Budweiser?  Or Michelob for the high tech people. Or is Coors 
>the magic bullet?  No, that's Coors Light and the Silver Bullet.  Nevermind :-) 

Only expensive German Beer(Dupla) works. It's made from barely straw,old
tank water boiled using a heating cable system to remove that bitter beer
taste and cost  3 times as much as any other beers. We use a dosing pump on
my Brother. My observations are all anecdote in nature- but I think he has
grown some in the mid- stem section, color is a little bluer with a nice
reddish top around the vegetative nose. We tried to disconnect the pump but
he screamed and wilted. We are going to slip some Micro brew in on him
tomorrow. I suggest some old buzzard (aka Wild Turkey) but Pops said "no" as
it may do more harm than good. Submersed Couch potatoes are much more
difficult than I thought to raise.
Tom Barr