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RE:Back to the fray

>My comments: H2O2 rears its head! Again, I wonder if sunlight (or other high
>intensity light source) is required in this conversion, or is a high level
>of Oxygen all that is required?

Note my D.O. comments and Amano's additions of O2 at night and also the
pearling for 5-6 hours a day notion. Redox and/or DO may be a key component

 Additionally, it doesn't seem to have been
>discovered or decided if it is the H2O2 which is the "active ingredient"
>here, but it does seem to point out the fact that the effect of H2O2 is the
>same as the straw. And since it is the end result (supression of algae)
>which seems to be the important thing, 

For me, the plants dominating and the algae not while having the same access
to nutrients is a curious one indeed. Algae control is good and all but the
bigger question looms here- not just another algae control method.

it might not matter - especially as
>it is easier to dose a small quantity of H2O2 that it is to fiddle with a
>mass of rotting straw.

Here, Here! Back to science.

Maybe it's time for me to
>pull out an empty tank and innoculate it with algae and play around.....

You'll need to be able to grow specific types *well*. You can't just add
some hair algae to tank to see. It will die anyway many times from a  change
in conditions. Also, the straw helps prevent algae not get rid of already
established algae. So what are we testing here? A good result should be done
over the several week period also.
Comments on a good design for a test?
Tom Barr