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Re: Fermented Barley Straw

Tony Ford asked:

"The only references I can find to fermented straw is in the
context of improving cattle feed.
Here straw is fermented by wetting with a microbial 'juice',
covered in plastic and a layer of soil to produce anaerobic
conditions for 30 days."

Two things come to mind - the first is that source (the Dupla web site) for
the term "fermented" was originally written in German and then  translated
into English. It isn't always possible for terms to make it through the
translation process with their proper meaning intact (if you have ever read
the English version of the Optimum Aquarium, you know what I mean).

The second thing that comes to mind is that the other day someone posted
some journal references which they read off of a label - they had to do with
Barley Straw. There might be more information (more reliable than
advertising copy, anyway) contained in those articles. Does anyone know if
those articles or others in a similar vein are online?

If Florida State University has done any work along these lines, it might be
worth a read.

James Purchase