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Re: Wild Goose chases? Don't think so.


>>There is a very real danger here and it relates to anecdotal evidence and
>>misidentified cause/effect.  Without PROPERLY conducted experimentation, you
>>cannot be sure that the results you observe are due to the thing you think
>>you are testing. If you improperly credit barley straw, peroxide, ozone,
>>REDOX, or any of a number of other factors with a reduction in algae
>>without being aware of ALL of the other variables which could play a part,
>>you haven't learned a thing and you run the risk of sending confused
>>off on a wild goose chase.  The answer to this sort of question requires
GOOD >>science, not merely observational accounts.

I think we are all qualifiying our own personal findings as anecdotal
unless we are citing actual findings from formal pond Barley straw


>Dupla, Amano, Dernnele and Florida State U all are wrong? Plus my Dutch
>friend also? It is possible but unlikely. The more I get onto plants, the
>more I find most/all of the Amano ideas are right. Good science on their
>part? Not learning a thing? The risk of sending confused newbies off on a
>wild goose chase? Well, you had better mention it to them too. Roger added
>some word of caution to this notion as did I regarding my query about the
>toxicity levels of H2O2.

Exactly.  There IS something there and the "risk" is worth it!  Which is
why we should never stop experimenting on our own and/or sharing our
thoughts w/ others in careful speculation as to what is the basic mechanism
of Dupla, Amano, Dernnele's pending products b/c these companies have no
intention of selling them to us!  Example: If it were'nt for intrepid
entrepreneurs like Gombo, there would'nt be any Tropica Master Grow in the


>>Here in North America, we tend to want to know "why" something works and
>>"how" it works. We also tend to be willing to innovate and improvise, and
>>judging by the comments which get posted every time anyone brings up the
>>name "Dupla", we are interested in doing things as inexpensively as
>>possible. The attitude scares many people, but it obviously works. I don't
>>think that Americans (or Canadians either, for that matter) need take a
>>second seat to _anybody_ when it comes to their abilities to set up and>>
>>maintain a beautiful and healthy aquarium. Expensive, hi tech equipment is
>>NOT necessary, nor is technology or products which are shrouded in
>>advertising hype. If you can afford them and want them, fine, buy them and
>>use them (I love all of my expensive little Dupla gadgets), but you
>>certainly don't _need_ them.

Yes! We do want to do things as inexpensively as possible.  That has'nt
stopped Europeans and Japanese from marketing (Hondas , the VW "Bug") to us
w/o their products costing an arm-a-leg -and-a-left-EYE!  If they Dupla,
Amano & Dernnele (DAD) are so afraid of our tendency to dissect the essence
of science behind their products, they should sell 'em to us at a resonable
price then we would'nt care how it works, as long as it works!

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