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Re: PMDD trouble

> From: "Tom Wood" <tomwood2 at flash_net>
> Subject: Re: PMDD Trouble
> I expected Paul to respond to this one, he must be travelling in the south
> of France....

	I would it were so.......

	I've just got back to the list after a week or so, and am catching up.
The original post that started this thread illustrates very well the problem
with using a "PMDD" mix.  Kevin and I described a _method_, which seems to
work pretty well.  Making up a single mixture and then _only_ testing
nitrate to decide how much to add is just asking for trouble.  Please, will
people go back to the original article and read it.....
> According to my understanding of the Sears/Conlin appraoch, the dosage of
> PMDD is determined two ways; 1) the volume dosed, and; 2) the concentration
> of KNO3 within each dose.  The volume dosed is used to set the iron level,
> but the concentration of KNO3 within each dose is adjusted to set the
> nitrate level. 

	This is one way of doing it. 

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada