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Re: Redox/Straw/H2O2

Tom wrote:
Wet/dry filters also seem to have a good effect on the Redox levels also.
Dupla and ADA both have devices to add an oxidizer to the tank. An IV drip
and H2O2 seems to be the cheapest method to me. Barley straw from Dupla
adding H2O2. O2 added as ADA does seems to be the safest for the fish and
plants over all.
Comments? <<

There is also the German made " Oxigenator" which releases small amounts of
hydrogen peroxide in to the water. My question is what role does light play
with the use of hydrogen peroxide? What would its affect be in a low light
tank vs a brightly lit tank? (and be REAL carefull, I can attest to the
disaster of an over dose)

Robert Paul H
Aquarium Landscapes Formula K