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Redox/algae control

>Thomas Barr makes the following comments:
>> So I talked with a Dutch friend about this notion of H2O2/Straw further.
>> He said it(H2O2) will definitely reduce algae if done properly.
>> Reason is any change (typically raising) in REDOX potentials will
>> do harm to
>> the algae while the plants seem to actually like it. This makes of sense
>> based on observations.

James says:

>Well then, if that's the case, a small Ozone generator would raise the redox
>potential of the water and the ozone, after it has worked it's magic on the
>algae spores, would decompose into perfectly harmless oxygen.

It is not so much as adding this or that high tech piece of equipment or
that one needs a ozone or H2O2 dip system to have a nice planted tank. In
well run pearling tanks the Redox is sky high!
Nothing else added. But...................there's also guess what? No algae!

So why add the H2O2? Or O3? Just a good item/tool to use to harass/kill the
algae when it rears its ugly little head. Yet another indicator of tank
health. Wet/drys seem to help this also.
It may be the key to some unanswered questions. Such as why, perhaps, plants
out compete algae for the same available nutrients in a fish tank? Simply
raising/changing the Redox can retard algae growth is all my Dutch friend
said. Just like when we do a water change<g>.

Expensive Redox meters/ozone equipment can be had if you wish but a simple
observational account using something like H2O2 may be enough to convince me
or others that this idea may be deeper than appears. I have a redox meter
laying around and will get to it<g>. Mr Booth's 560mv reading will be a good
standard. I did some DO measurements sometime ago also. I used this as an
indicator for health at one point and perhaps I was on to something but
couldn't put it together back then.
More Comments?
Tom Barr