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algae control/H2O2 and straw

Regarding the barley straw thread: 

> I read the article. It appears that the H2O2 method with an IV dripper may
> work and be cheaper/easier to **try** out at least. What level would we
> start at now then? 1 drop every 10 seconds of 3% solution for a 100 gallon
> tank? >>
>Since all the water in the tank must at some point pass through any 
>filtration devise present, would this not be the logical place to add the 
>Bob Olesen

Sure. I am thinking of adding it in my sump but you could hand it up on the
wall and drip it in a small tank or dose it manually with your doses of
liquid iron etc to se if that may work better.
It shouldn't hurt much if I overdose? What would the symptoms of an overdose
look like? Whiter shiny leaves with no coffee stains? Under dosing would not
give much if any effect but perhaps it may. Guess I got to try it to find
out. Maybe this will be chemical alternative to adding O2 gas at night like
Amano does. I wonder if he has less algae as a result of using O2 at night?
Does anyone see a problem with this set up of H2O2? 
Tom Barr