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Re: NOs vs high intensity

> In order to have any success whatsoever (IMO),
> you will have to ditch regular flourescents and go either compact
> (AH Supply has good selection and Kim is very nice) or metal halide.

Hey Daphne, that's a pretty far reaching blanket statement there! There are
lots of recognized plant people on this list who would beg to differ.<<<

Well, IMHO, Power Compacts, Metal Halides, and VHO are certainly the easiest
way to reach a desired light level, and depending on the size of the tank
and whats available to you, it may be the only way. My 55 gallon tank is lit
by four 40 watt NO flourescents with two shop lights.  I wouldnt call the
light level bright by any means, and thats literally all that will fit. The
tank is simply not wide enough to hold any more, and getting access to the
water is  a pain because I first have to remove the light fixture. One of
the fixtures is losing a sizeable portion of its light because it has to sit
at an angle on top of the edge of my filter. Now I can still have a gorgeous
display of healthy plants, but I know already what plants wont do well and
the growth rate is much slower on some than I would like.

Robert Paul H