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>I have had a constant nagging problem with free floating algae in a 125
>gallon aquarium that I am having an almost impossible time in getting
>rid of it. 

>I have been looking at getting a Lifegard 8 Watt UV Sterilizer (canister
>application). From what I read it has a desired flow rate of 240 g.p.h.
>I am currently running an Eheim 2280 canister filter with a designed
>flow rate of 275 g.p.h. in a 125 gallon tank. 

I have a 4 watt Aquanetics on a 135 gallon.
I just installed a neat 5 watt (PC bulb!) UV by Tetra today actually.
These folks got money to burn. 
I'd get a 8 watt Aquanetics and add a HOT Magnum with a micron cartridge in
it and run it until your your algae is gone then about 2-3 days after then
shut it off and save it for a next time which often is: never again. That
will get rid of it (this is what I use). Continuous UV's are not needed in a
plant tank for algae control. I suppose it could help some by killing some
suspended algae spores and pieces, excess floating bacteria etc but even
then only about 3-4 hours a day would be plenty for that. I'd use a separate
pump & the UV on a timer. You can add a 8 watt rated at 240 gal/hr, or a 15
if you feel better, aquanetics UV and still get a big kill rate through the
UV. 275 is an optimal flow rate for the filter, typically it will be less
than that. The 8 is small -the 15 is large. The Tetra model(s) is very nice
if you want to spend more $. Filtration (Micron)will remove the algae, as
will blackouts. Check the archives for suspended algae removal. There's
plenty of info.
Tom Barr