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Reply: Hair Algae

I have a 10 gallon planted tank, that's starting to get Hair Algae almost 2
inches long in spots. I have 3 black mollies in this tank, 2 males and 1
female.  I don't feed them at all, and the hair algae is still there, of
course maybe they will wait until they eat all of the green algae before
they move on to the hair algae.

> From: "Kent Carpenter" <kcarpen1 at rochester_rr.com>
> Subject: Hair Algae
> One of the remedies for hair algae has been posted here,calling for
> one female black molly. I tried it in a 20 ga. where hair algae
> was becoming
> a problem. The one molly solved it in two days.An easy, natural
> solution to an aggravating problem.
> Kent