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RE: How to Organize the information

Kalus Haber wonders how we keep all of this in our head....

> Hello alltogether,
> with interest and a little bit of pain I read the incomming threads every
> day. My question is, how do you handle the lot of information? It seems to
> be clear, that's impossible to keep all the topics in your head.
> Is there a
> common system or do you have develloped one, to get the right
> information at
> the time you need it? Do you have a database with different registers for
> i.e. watermeasurement, furtilizers, plants, fish a.s.o. and do you
> distribute the articles, you are interested in, in these
> registers? I am not

In case you are new to the list, there IS a searchable archive of past
postings, located at: http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/index.cgi

Messages are stored by date, but searchable for topic/keywords.

James Purchase