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How to organize the information

Hello alltogether,
with interest and a little bit of pain I read the incomming threads every
day. My question is, how do you handle the lot of information? It seems to
be clear, that's impossible to keep all the topics in your head. Is there a
common system or do you have develloped one, to get the right information at
the time you need it? Do you have a database with different registers for
i.e. watermeasurement, furtilizers, plants, fish a.s.o. and do you
distribute the articles, you are interested in, in these registers? I am not
sure what's the best way to archive the postings. In any case, it takes a
lot of time doing this and it should be a *offline* system due to still high
costs beeing *online*. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks and greetings
Klaus Haber.