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I`ve noticed some areas of small bubbles sticking together at the waterline
of my 55G tank . It`s a newly planted tank with the usual fish and 4 rams .
When changing the water I noticed some extremely small transparent worms
sticking to the glass as the water level fell (aprox. 1/64Th inch long)...I
couldn`t see them after filling the tank up though . I looked at the bubbles
( that formed in 2 days ) again yesterday and saw barely perceptable
clearish dots moving above the bubbles , still in the waters tension film
though . Today I saw a tiny worm swim to the bottom of the tank . I`ve lost
a fish a day for a week now...mostly neon tetras and ottos...at first I
thought it was "new tank syndrome " , but now I`m not so sure .
             Does anyone have any thoughts on what I have in the bubbles ?
                             D Thornton
                             Wilm. Ohio