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Re: Flourine

Roger writes:

> Hydrofluoric acid does etch glass and it does dissolve silicate minerals,
>  but really Bob, there's a lot of thing that will happen in a concentrated
>  solution that will never happen in a dilute solution like 1 ppm of
>  fluoride in tap water.  For example, concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric
>  acid together make an extremely corrosive, oxidizing acid called aqua
>  regia that also dissolves many minerals -- even some that hydrofluoric
>  won't touch.  We pretty much all have sulfate and nitrate in our tanks --
>  and at levels greater than 1 ppm -- yet we aren't sweating their combined
>  effects on glass, fish eggs, fish or whatever.  Those effects don't
>  happen in dilute solution.

I wasn't saying that 1ppm of sodium flouride will eat through the glass walls 
of the tank.  Someone previously had said that there was pretty much no way 
that the flouride would interact with the silicates in his substrates.  I was 
simply pointing out that yes way, it could happen.