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Lighting suggestions anyone?

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for lighting a 54 gallon
corner tank.  Currently I am using 1 hood that houses two 24" Coralife
Spectramax 20 watt bulbs, another hood that houses two 18" Coralife
Spectramax 15 watt bulbs, another hood that houses one 18" coralife
bulb, and recently I opened the blinds on the north facing window
opposite the tank, and also added one of those compact florescent
"screw-in" light bulbs - the kind that use 20 watts but generate the
same light as a 75 watt incandescent.  I put it over the back corner of
the tank, the only spot not yet covered by a hood.  So now almost every
square inch of cover space is covered and I'm waiting to see what
happens.  I've never been able to get plants to grow well in this tank
(1.5 yrs) because of this lighting issue and I am open to any and all
suggestions.  Anyone?
Pat O'Sullivan.