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fluorescent vs. MH lamps

I have been perusing Philips' European catalogue and I noticed something
pretty interesting which I never noticed before. The spectral distribution
charts have actual values on them. The Y axis is is in microwatts/5
nanometers/lumen. The charts for both the low wattage MH lamps and the
fluorescent lamps are presented this way. If I am understanding this
correctly I think this means that the chart with the largest area represents
the lamp that is the most efficient. So, multipying the area of the chart by
the lamp lumens should give the amount of light energy that is being
produced by the lamp and allows for the comparisons between fluorescent and
MH lamps. I know that Ivo has already basically done this but it is nice to
see it presented by the manufacturer. I also notice that Philips is giving
the voltage across the lamp and the current across the lamp which also has
it's uses. The more I learn about Philips the more I like their stuff. They
are not afraid to hold up their products to close scrutiny.