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Re: compact flourescent fixtures

AVukich at aol_com wrote:

> good evening to you all...a mostly lurker here with a question or 2...
> when the SHO lights came out by Perfecto I jumped on the bandwagon....now 
> that they've issued a recall ans the first unit I purchased shorted out in a 
> big way last Sunday I was wondering which manufacturer might be pulling up 
> the slack left with the disappearance of SHO lights...

Could you please give more details on how exactly your SHOlight shorted ?
I have one 36" unit (didn't return it) and would be willing to repair it 
in case a short happens. I can't see how it can happen though, except if 
the ballast itself blows up. The SHOlights weren't pulled out of the market;
the Pet Warehouse catalog lists them as available items. The only apparent 
difference with the former lineup is that the 36" size used to hold two 55 
watt bulbs, now it holds only one. Bad deal. Also All Glass and at least 
another manufacturer that I cannot recall make these "cheap" fixtures. 
Expensive and better built models are made by Hamilton and Coralife.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD