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Re: Potassium carbonate

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Tim Gooden wrote:
>     I have a source for potassium carbonate at the following price points:
> 4 oz    $3.00
> 16 oz  $5.00
> 5 lb.      $15.00
>     Is this a reasonable price range?  I was thinking about getting the 16 oz,
> figuring that it would last me quite a while for dosing a 55 gallon tank.

I haven't shopped about, but $5.00 for several years' supply sounds pretty
good to me.

> Is the potassium carbonate a better or worse idea for my water
> chemistry?  Thanks for the info.

Probably a worse idea than using potassium bicarbonate.  Both provide
about 14 mg K per degree of buffer capacity, but potassium carbonate is a
fairly strong base and it might put your pH through the roof.  You should
be able to correct that with added CO2, but it's a problem that you don't
have to deal with (at least not to the same degree) if you use potassium

Roger Miller