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Re: Successful Nitrate Reduction

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Jeff Bodin wrote:
> Today I measured the tank, and the output of the de-nitrator. Tank measures 
> at ~5 PPM (down from > 40) and the output of the dripper reads zero.

Cool.  This is far more effectiveness than I would have predicted.
> Now, onto the next topic:
> LaMotte Phosphate test kit. Does anyone else ever use this kit? My has 
> never given me a reading of anything but zero. The el Cheapo Aquarium 
> Pharmaceuticals kit reads off the chart. Has anyone else had this problem 
> with it???

I don't use the LaMotte kit, but I did use the AP kit and I found it
unreliable.  It always read high and even registered significant PO4 in my
tap water, which is pretty much phosphorus free according to lab analyses.
I attributed the problem to a false positive caused by silica in the
water, but there may be other problems as well.

Roger Miller
in the high desert