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Re: Eusteralis propagation

> Does anyone know if Eusteralis s. will sprout multiple branches from the
> 'nodes, (as does Hygro p. and some other stem plants) if laid on it's side in
> the substrate? I was lucky enough to receive a few stems of this lovely plant

I've never tried it, but I can try it on a small stem of it.  

When I first got my first couple stems, I let it grow until it reached
the surface.  Then I cut the stems in half.  I replanted the tops, and
left the bottoms planted.   The bottoms grew thicker and not as
decorative, but formed two nice attractive stems rising from where
they were pruned.   Now, when I trim, I remove the bottoms, and 
replant the tops.   I do re-plant the bottoms in the back, to
continue growing to produce more new stems.

I've found it grows quickly when fertilized with a jobes stick at the