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Re: There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza....

James writes:

> Bob Dixon makes the suggestion that a piece of plastic needlepoint canvas in
>  the bottom of a spare plastic bucket might be just the ticket for gravel
>  washing. While I haven't tried this exact method, I have tried to attach
>  pieces of the plastic needlepoint canvas to various materials using 
>  sealant with, to date, absolutely no success..... silicone won't stick well
>  enough to the plastic. I would think that in a situation subject to a lot 
>  physical stresses (such as a bucket used to wash gravel), that the ultimate
>  failure of the silicone-plastic seal would happen all that much quicker.

My first one lasted five years without failure.  The weight of the gravel 
forces down on the canvas, holding it in place, even when swishing it around 
in the water flow.  Plumbing suppliers sell a "universal" cement for plastic 
plumbing that works well with both the bucket and the canvas.  You might also 
look for some kind of solvent welding agent.

Bob Dixon