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Re: Parasites

My apologies if I gave some incorrect information in my original post.

It appears that the worms that were emerging out of the anal area were the 
red worms, not the white thready worms that I was told were horsehair worms. 

As I was calling around the other day, looking for parasite medication 
information, I called Aquarium Products about their Fluke medication. They 
referred me down to a fellow at a Florida location, who works for them. He 
seemed quite knowledgeable about such critters. He was familiar with 
parasitic creatures, practices at the Florida fish farms and so forth. When I 
mentioned the activity in the anal area, it was he who told me that they were 
the horsehair worms, and that were carried on mosquito larvae. He offered to 
take a look at the worms and/or fish.

Unfortunately, after I spoke to him, I wound up euthanizing the other ram in 
the tank, and found that the worms that were emerging were actually red, and 
the same that were internal, and much larger, in the other fish. I couldn't 
question him about this, since he wasn't available today. So, if I gave 
incorrect information, I apologize. I was just passing along what I was told 
by an *expert*. 

Also, my thanks to those that responded.