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Fariy Shrimp & Black Corys

I was wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get a supply of fairy
shrimp eggs for culturing.  I got a few of these things mixed in with some
snails I bought a couple of weeks ago.  They were about 1/4 inch long and
gray.  On release they headed immediately into the gravel.  I happened to
catch sight of one about a week later.  It had turned green.  I'm assuming
that it had been coming out at night and eating algae.

Now it seems to me that this is the perfect thing for feeding Kribs in my
planted tank.  They must culture like brine shrimp, without messing with the
salt, and any that escape the feeding will eat algae until they are found
out.  I'm wondering why they aren't more popular.

The dealer I got them from isn't telling me his source.  I'm sure he'd much
rather charge me by the dozen.

I also bought a few interesting corys from this same dealer.  They are dark
chocolate color with reddish fins.  The dealer knows them only as black
corys.  He says he gets them from a local breeder (Yet another of his secret
sources).  Can anyone tell me the correct name for these corys?