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E. coli in water

>> E. coli outbreak in the water system?! (there was human death involved)
>>  and water must be boiled before drinking etc... I don't live in ontario 
>>  if this happens in my area should I even be doing water changes with this 
>>  water to my tanks...? I know this may sound silly to some people but I'm 
>>  seriously concerned..
>E.Coli is a common bacteria, a gram negative rod, found in the intestinal 
>tract of most animals, including humans.  It is found in the water supplies 
>of almost any city to one tiny degree or another.  As with most bacteria, 
>there are slight variations in strains around the country, some capable of 
>making you sick more or less than other strains. 

The E. coli outbreak that has people freaked out up here is
the 0157 (?) strain. It's killed 4 people in the last 2
days and a couple more are expected to die. Mostly kids.

The outbreak is in the Brockton area outside of Owen Sound
and happened when lots and lots of rain washed "the byproducts
of raising cows" into the water table polluting the deep wells
that are uses for a water source. 

It's not an issue in other areas of Ontario.

Having said that you couldn't PAY me to live near cows.

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