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Speaking of Cabomba....

I added Cabomba of unknown ancestry to the forty gal plant tank a few
weeks ago ( 2-4 watts a gallon is fine, KH-3-6, GH 2-10, good CO2, as
Tom Barr suggested yesterday, and a coarse sand/fine gravel with
laterite substrate).  Thing is growing like a weed, and turning a bit
red on the undersides.  I seemed to have solved the "legging" problem by
removing the duckweed on the surface more often.

Now the question is: what about those roots popping up on the stems? 
ARe these normal or am I facing a deficiency--I use TMG at the
recommended-on-the-package level?

I am getting satisfying growth in all the plants, the apon is growing
out of the tank again, but the Amazon swords are not quite deep
green--should they be?