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uprooting or cutting when removing?


My question:Instead of uprooting bigger plants like swords in order to remove them, I just cut them of with a pair of scissors below the surface. I pull up the plant very gently after that to create as little disturbance as possible. The rest of the root system I leave in the substrate for the bacteria to digest and reduce. I supposed the roots would slowly be reduced to usefull material for other plants. What is the lists' opinion about this?
I figured this way I cause a lot less mess compared to pulling these huge rootsystems with all that dirt and fertile material into the water column. 

I generally use plain gravel with accumulated fish waste and when I set up the tanks I add some clayballs in the lower part if the substrate.  If we get into other discussions I will write a lot more details about my tanks, but I don't think it is necessary for this type of question.Just this: my plants grow really well, produce a lot of oxygen and of course I have the occasional but controlable algae outbreak.

Dirk Matthys
Newbie to the list, but not to the hobby. ( 24 years of my 30 years' life!)
Greetings from Nagoya. Japan

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