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No Subject

Hey all.  My tank is doing better than ever now
(thanks for the help!) but there are just a few
morethings to iron out.

One is my macrandra.  I have it potted in a small clay
pot with some potting soil, laterite, and a Tetra tab.
It doesn't grow really fast, but the top 2 or three
inches of each stem look awesome.  The leaves are
large, wavy, and so red they almost look plastic.  The
nodes are very close too.  The problem is, leaves that
once looked great like I described go downhill as the
plant grows.  Older leaves fade to whitish green with
many small holes and look kind of rotted.  It doesn't
seem to matter how close to the light the stems are.
I add kno3 every day to keep up with nitrate needs, so
I'm assuming my plants get enough potassium (+.25 ml
of Flourish per day - Flourish potassium
isn'tavailable here anyway).  

I haven't trimmed it in awhile, but I know if I do, it
will be a struggle to even get back to this point.
Oh boy.  Can anyone help?  Thanks, Cavan.

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