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Re: Ick & Temp

I think it all comes back to the stress the fish are subjected to in an 
aquarium. Without some type of poison in the water, the ick will continue to 
live out it's cycle and try to find a ready host. If all the fish have their 
slime coat and resistance intact, the ick will not re-infest, and it will 
eventually die. In a lightly populated tank with healthy water conditions, it 
makes sense that the fish will shed the cysts and not be re-infected. Maybe 
the darkness helps the fish in that regard. 

I do believe that some fish are generally more healthy, and less prone to 
stress than others. I have  a juvenile paradise fish and small pleco in my 
tank who had no spots, where the chocolate gouramis were heavily covered with 
spots, and a  couple of guppies & 1 platy who had a moderate amount. 

I did earlier swear never to use aquarisol again, after it killed off some 
plants in another tank. But, it's proven to be effective to me, and not awful 
on the fish, so I went with it again. For the most part there is water 
sprite, java & willow moss, wisteria and a few small patches of crypt.

So far I am not noticing too much of a problem with the plants  (and I have a 
substantial amount of darkwater extract in there so I can't tell if it's 
related to a light problem?) and all fish are doing well.


> What cured my fish
>  then? Was it the darkness? The salt? I've recommended this treatment for 
> years with
>  a high degree of success (wo/meds). Those that reported failure have also 
> admitted
>  that they had some poor water quality issues at the same time.