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Ick! Ick.

>It seems to have changed its name to Jungle Ick Guard.  There is also a
>Jungle Ick Guard II for "small, weak or scaleless tropical fish, such as
>catfish, members of the loach family and African imports".  Both products
>claim to be "Safe for use with plants".
>These appear to be Canadian products; after a quick search, I find them in
>connection with Canadian mail order sites.

Huh. Didn't used to be Jungle Laboratories used to be in the US

>I agree with this. That's the frustration! Also, IME, what
>works for one person doesn't always seem to work for another.
>One of the products I used for ich on my scaleless fish was
>Jungle's "Ick Guard II." I found it to be ineffective. The other
>stuff I tried (at 1/2 strength) proved harmful to my Botias.

To be honest I never had a problem with their regular stuff
with corys and puffers. Worth a tey I suppose.

>BTW, I used a darkened tank because of *speculation* that at some
>point in the life cycle of ich it might be light dependent. (I had read an
>that questioned such). I was quite desperate, and tried everything I
>could think of to get rid of it...and *something* worked.

You might be thinking of velvet (Oodinium).

The ick parasite does not require light in any way.

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