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Re: Potash

On Fri, 19 May 2000, Cindy wrote:

> Thanks for the tip about the Morton's Salt Substitute.  Would this
> be similar to a garden product called "Muriate of Potash"  which
> contains something like 52% potash and 48% Chloride(ine?)? I got
> some of this for $4/2 lbs at the garden store, but I hesitated about
> the chloride in it.  I figured I could make a batch with a
> dechlorinator,

Muriate of potash is the same thing as potassium chloride.  Chloride must
not be mistaken for chlorine used for disinfection.  Chloride is a
typically harmless and ubiquitous ion.  Dechlorinators convert chlorine to
chloride to neutralize it.  Chloride is actually an essential plant
nutrient, but it is generally present in such large amounts compared to
the plants' need for chloride that there's never a question of it being in
short supply.

Chloride will tend to accumulate over time and very large doses of
potassium chloride (as with any other soluble salt) could produce
conditions that are too saline for some plants.

If your tank also needs additional nitrogen then potassium nitrate is
probably a better choice than potassium chloride because it would have
less tendency to accumulate over time.

Roger Miller