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Re: Potash

Murate of potash is nothing more that potassium chloride (KCl).  I got 5
lbs several years ago, and it supplies me with all I will probably ever
need for a long time.  The Murate of potash I bought was heavily
contaminated with a reddish substance that doesn't dissolve, and is
probably iron oxide.  It will settle out of solution, or it can be filtered
out.  I make up a saturated solution, which turns out to be 4.1 molar.  By
diluting 1 liter of this saturated solution up to 4.1 liters with rain
water, I get a pretty close approximation of a one molar solution.  I add
enough of this to get the potassium content up to around 20 ppm, and don't
add any more until a test with my LaMotte potassium test kit indicates no
measurable K (no visible white percipitate).  A 5 lb. bag of murate of
potash will give you what should amount to a lifetime supply, unless you
are growing aquatic plants on a massive scale.

I also have a large amount of magnesium sulfate I got from the same garden
supply store where I got the murate of potash.  I mix up a one molar
solution of that, also, and, along with some lime from the same store, I am
able to supply calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and potassium.

Paul Krombholz, with hopes of some rain arriving today or tomorrow, also
looking for Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia.