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AGA International Aquascaping Showcase & Contest

Hi Everyone:

Before the summer weather causes a major slowdown in people's interest in
their aquariums, here's something you might all like to keep in mind for the
early autumn....

The Aquatic Gardeners Association is hosting the AGA International
Aquascaping Showcase & Contest on the Internet - final date for the
submission of entries is September 30, 2000.

The judging panel for the Contest portion of this event continues to expand:

Karen Randall - past chair of the AGA
Neil Frank - Editor Emeritus of TAG, the Journal of the AGA
Claus Christensen - General Manager of Tropica Aquarium Plants, Denmark
Kaspar Horst - co-founder of Dupla, Germany

Our web site is up and operational - go to
http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/ and check out how you may enter your
aquascape. We are currently in the process of adding a Spanish language
translation to the site, with hopefully more languages to come later. This
is going to be a truly International affair!

We will shortly be posting a list of the Corporate Prize Sponsors who are
donating the many Prizes which will be awarded to the winners of the Contest
portion of the event.

This event is for ALL freshwater and brackish water aquscapes, NOT just
planted tanks. So those of you with Rift Lake Cichlids, please take note -
your aquascapes are welcome as well.

While you have film in your camera to capture your family's summer fun, save
a few frames for your aquarium. We'd love to see your pictures!

James Purchase
AGA International Aquascaping Showcase & Contest

Web Site: http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/
Information: mailto:showcase at aquatic-gardeners_org