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Albany Aquarium V4 #290

From Tom Barr:

> Grrrrr. I got into it with a manager there (but I also know the owner whom I
> like lots) [snip]

The owner is very nice. Apparently the customers are split in opinion
concerning the manager, some swear by her, others swear at her.  My
family won't go near her; I get along wiht her ok after some trying..
> I really try to support LFS's  and I really like Guy, but the service
> incident has really caused me to stay away. I hope this never happens to
> anyone else that goes there and is likely an isolated incident.

 It will and it's not, although a bit more extreme than I have seen.
BTW, tell Guy about the incident, he needs to know.

> I'll go back to Albany if they get rid of that manager. Where I work, the
> customer is always right and they are treated that way.

They won't. She holds the place together and does know a lot, if not
everything and not when she is wrong. She can also be quite helpful.

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