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I've been searching for a potassium supplement to
add to my tank and came across the following product:

Saltwater Farms:  Seaweed Plant Food 0-0-1

The guananteed analysis is 1% Soluble Potash (K20) with
nothing else listed. This product is from a hydroponics
store and it is my understanding that they legally have
to list the analysis.

This seems like a good potassium supplement, but
I am not really sure how much to dose. If it was 100%
K20, I think I would dose ~.08 ml/gal to get 20 ppm
of K20 but because it is only 1% K20, does that mean
that I should dose 99*(.08)ml/gal (~8ml/gal)? Which
is 1.8 cups of this stuff for my 58 gallon tank!  
Yikes!  What have I done wrong?  I am good at math,
but my chemistry is horrible.
Is 20 ppm K20 too much?  Any advise would be greatly