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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #290

At 03:48 AM 5/18/00 -0400, "Peter" <peteal at simpatico_ca> asked:
>Subject: Weird surface film algae?
>I first thought it was just pollen from outside (warm day and I had all my
>windows open) but the powdery looking stuff floating on the water has grown
>until it has formed a heavy film. Has the consistancy of dust but definately 
>green and multiplies like algae (fast).  Only floats... the rest of the
water is clear.
>It can get thick enought to stop my water lettuces that usually move around
>with the current.   Any ideas what this stuff is?

I dunno what it is but I had it for a while.  I sent a sample to a guy at
Bowling Green which has a great phycology department.  Never got back even
a thanks, much less an id.  I got rid of it by running an airstone third
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