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Shawn Prescott wrote:

>I wonder if anyone has knowledge of the plant Litricularia Gibba? This
>species is listed in the original Amano book (Japanese edition) Nature's
>Aquarium World on pages 228-229. The only plant in the scene that might be
>it, is the one in the top right corner as far as I can make out. 

This seems to be a case of someone not being able to read someone else's
hand writing.  The name of the plant is Utricularia, also known as
bladderwort, a carnivorous plant.  Now that you know the real name, you
should have no problem finding it in your books.<g>

If you look though both the Glosso and the Riccia in the picture with a
magnifying glass, you will see thin green "treads" with little "beads"
attached.  That's the Utricularia, and the "beads" are the bladders that
actually catch small prey.