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Re: SAE's in the SF bay area

>From: "tierney wayne" <hybrid_t at hotmail_com>
>Subject: SAEs and shrimp question
>While we are on the SAE topic... I just bought my first two (About 1.5 
>inches long)from Albany Aq (Albany, CA) for 7.99 each! I guess I got ripped 
>off! Does anyone in the Bay Area know of another place to get them? I wasn't 
>too thrilled when I got to Albany Aq after getting myself all psyched up- I 
>guess I thought that one of the first importers of SAEs would be a pretty 
>nice place, but their tanks were really filthy! I was almost afraid to buy 
>anything there.

Try Nippon in SF. We always have them(2.99), shrimps(2.99), Rosey barbs etc.

>But I got the SAEs and I can't say I'm sorry because they have already taken 
>out about half of the brush algae I was starting to get. I also think they 
>are really good looking, and good dispositions. So far.

>Thanks in advance,
>San Jose, CA