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Re: SAEs in SFO Bay Area

<<While we are on the SAE topic...Does anyone in the Bay Area know of another 
place to get them?>>

Here's one that I always go to-

Alameda Aquatics
1423 Webster St
Alameda CA 94xxx

Not all employees in this place know what an SAE is so be careful and make 
sure that you know what an SAE looks like. If you have any questions on 
plants ask for Dean, he's more knowledgeable than the owner at plants. I 
bought one SAE from there for $2.45 and he's awesome although he has yet to 
touch the BBA. I showed the owner what a true SAE looks like and after that 
he's gotten them regularly.

This place also has some of the best plants that I've seen around. They have 
the same variety IMO as Albany but less quantity of a certain plant. They 
also carry Caridina japonica for $1.99, look for them in the front planted