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Re: SAE's & FFF

Flag fish are near the top of my list for favorite fish, but . . . what about 
that darn bba? I'm still hoping I run into an SAE sometime in my travels, 
thinking it will be the *magic pill* for the latest algae to plague my tanks. 
Or do I just feed the flag fish too much? Seems they like furry/hairy stuff 
to pull on. 


>  I don't know why SAE's and Amano shrimps EVER got so popular w/ us plant
>  people.  SAEs are finniky algae eaters w/ low appetites.  You have to watch
>  them for days to see them eat any algae!  They have never served as
>  effective tools for algae control in my tanks (I have never had red hair
>  algae).  I desided to try a preliminary experiment: I added a small patch
>  of green hair algae to a two-year-old 39gal aquarium with a SAE.  I am
>  watching this algae patch grow from 1sq" to 6sq" today...so I feel this is
>  anecdotal enough for me to say ,,,"S---w this!" and throw in a FFF!  NOW
>  this is an algae eater!
>  FFF cost $0.99 each down here and I have been catching them in local canals
>  (thanks for the tip Eppler!).  Compare that to $3.99 EACH for SAEs!!!
>  Controlling algae may be a convenience thing for most of us at best and at
>  worst controlling algae keeps the "ball-an'-chain" off our backs so we dont
>  get arguements about that expensive tank (gross), ruining the decore
>  ...yhadda, yhadda.  For me, plants are now a serious endevor and SAEs are
>  out.  A one-two combination of FFF, Otos and my Plant Guild substrate
>  nutrient injector are effective, efficient & inexpensive!