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Ceratopteris thalictroides (Sumatrafarn)

Hallo, I am new in this club and I bag your pardon, if something goes wrong.
This is valid also for my english, because my motherlanguage is german. Here
in Germany, I live too. Let me shortly introduce myself: My profession is an
engineer (physics) in a crude oil refinery, but I retired in the meantime. I
joined to aquaristic 2 years ago and I have a 200 l tank with lot of fish
and plants. Coming back to my subject. The ceratopteris is planted in the
ground and growing well. 10 to 15 days after creating a new leave, it's self
get fouling about 10 cm over ground and later, the leave will swim up to the
watersurface and grows bigger and bigger. This process runs continously with
all the leaves. To my opinion, Ceratopteris is generally a swimming-plant
and the time staying in the ground is only a meanstage in order to prepare
the leaves to swim at the watersurface. Does this theory meet Your
experience too? I would be glad to hear Your comment.
Klaus Haber