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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #287

    Collin wrote:

I'm sorry for being a pau, ign'rant Europeen, but could someone tell me
what hairgrass is? I only have references using scientific names and
it's terribly difficult to be sure what you're all talking about. In
future, would it be possible to refer to not only common(sic) names but
also, whereever possible, scientific names. This is a serious point as
some of the other readers may not be reading in their mother tongue.
Is this hairgrass one of the echinodorus, if so which one?

Hairgrass is the genus Eleocharis.  It is in the family Cypraceae, sedges,
which are not closely related to Echinodorus.  There are lots of sedge
species that live along the banks of lakes and streams.  Many are
amphibious, but only a very few can grow submerged.  The leaves are very
thin and round in cross section.  Eleocharis acicularis spreads by runners
and makes a good foreground plant, provided it gets strong light and a fine
sandy substrate.  Eleocharis vivipara tends to grow new plants at the ends
of older leaves, and so it grows up towards the surface a lot more than E.