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Re: dwarf Neon Rainbow

> Praecox are not vicious and anybody who has kept them will atone to that. I
> have been keeping Various rainbows over the last 30 years but at the moment

My Praecox, while not "vicious" do harass each other much more than 
any of the other rainbows I've got.   The largest of my Praecox even
chased and harassed a smaller turquoise until he grew much larger than
the Praecox.

> collected them in was soft but in a tank situation they prefer water of at
> least 100ppm. and a PH of minimum 7.00 but higher of possible.

How do you determine this "preference"?  Mine are happy and healthy in
softer water, with a pH of just 6.6.  They are actively spawning and
displaying beautiful color.
Chuck Gadd