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Re: Offensive venom

On Mon, 15 May 2000, Neil Travis wrote:

> You are an absolute moron.

That's certainly worded strongly enough to be personally offensive.

> If you even consider smuggling in live plant matter.
> Even though I am in Australia the harm it could possibly do to your Aquatic
> eco system and even ours in the long run is recomhensible.
> I have imported plants in to Australia legally and the restrictions are that
> tight that no plant is ever allowed to leave your quarantine room and must
> be destroyed and witnessed and would imagine it is the same where you are if
> you country has any brains which I hope has more e than you.

You presume that the plants Kean Huat wanted to take back aren't native
and aren't already naturalized.  You also presume unfairly that he would
allow the plants to spread outside of his collection. It's hard - with
this many presumptions - to justify the venom in your attack.

Most of the plants I keep are non-native and were imported to this country
(possibly legally, possibly illegally -- I don't know) by someone, and
probably not by a brainless moron.  I (like most of us) owe my hobby to
whoever those people are or were.

Roger Miller