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Eheim CO2 Reactor

I found a solution to the problem of the Eheim glass disk clogging.
Also, I could never prevent some bubbles from escaping from
around the glass disk.

I found that the what creates the back pressure for this system
is the back flow valve, and not the glass disk. So I inserted the
nipple from the back flow valve into the intake screen of the
cannister filter. To make the nipple fit, I drilled a small hole
in the bottom of the intake screen.

You can also see the bubbles rise through the screen, so you
don't need a bubble counter.

I also noticed that CO2 will not collect that much in the cannister
filter if the hoses are kept clean. If the hoses are dirty, it slows
down the flow rate, and CO2 accumulates in the filter.

Sherlock Wong