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RE: Carbo Plus

"Jody Heming" <jjheming at erols_com> wrote:

> Ivo,
>      I am not sure what the level of CO2 is, but my plants are really
> pearling IMHO, (nice little bubbles on all the leaves).  There is a little
> mystery going on with my tank which started when I  added PhosGuard to
> remove excess phosphorous.  I believe the phosphorous had created a buffer,
> b/c my pH was 7.2, and basically wouldn't budge.  Now my pH ranges from
> 7.3-7.8 from the am to pm, and according to the "charts" on the Krib, with
> my KH of 4, the CO2 should be nil, but obviously this isn't so, or my plants
> wouldn't be pearling, correct??  I think the crushed coral added by someone
> at my LFS when they helped set up my tank has my pH at 7.8.....but that's
> another story.  I don't think that really answered your question, but that's
> all I know.  I would get a test kit, but from what I've read, they are all
> worthless!!  Any thoughts?
> Jody

I only ask this because the only ever reference I saw for a "hard" number
(in some usenet group) was that the system is not capable of delivering
more than 5-10 ppm CO2 (I can't recall the tank size). So I'm curious...
As for the PhosGuard, I used some a while ago and never saw any buffering
associated to it. I also wonder how you can measure kH=4 in a tank with
crushed coral. Shouldn't it be higher ? Isn't coral made basically of
calcium carbonate ? 

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD